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The Mini Bone by Gator Review

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My recent pros and cons list of adding a pedalboard to my live rig.
Pro it will save me the time of setting up a tuner, DI and effects.
Con it’s ONE MORE THING TO CARRY. (right now I can grab everything in a trip or two)
That’s where Gator walks in and says, “Hey man I got this!”

The Mini Bone is a heavy duty, made in the USA, ultra portable pedalboard made to house up to 3 pedals. It was built with the minimalist in mind. To top things off if fits perfectly in the supplied carry bag that offers backpack straps and front loading pockets for additional cables and accessories.


The Mini Bone is 12.5″ long, 2″ in height and 6″ wide. You can comfortably seat 3 Boss-sized pedals on it. I have no problem getting 2 Boss-sized pedals and my Eden preamp on it. Included is two strips of Velcro to help anchor your pedals to the board. The underside is a tough polyethylene or in rock lingo “that stuff they use to make guitar cases and racks”

The Loud-Out

The part I liked best about the Mini Bone was the included carry bag. It’s similar to a drawstring gym bag or backpack. It is over-sized giving you some breathing room on each side to stash cables, an extra shirt, music folder, whatever, my point is you’re not standing there at the end of the night wondering “How the heck do I get this thing in!” I went a step further and attached the Mini Bone to my gig bag, so I can put my bass and pedalboard on my back freeing my hands to grab my amp or coveted coffee travel mug.

Street Price: $49.99

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