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Orange Stereo Micro Crush Review

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Great things that are orange, GO… The General Lee, orange juice, uh Orange amps? Yes!

Under The Hood

This little monster puts out 6 watts into 2 4″ speakers. It can be powered by an optional 18 volt power supply or 2 9 volt batteries allowing you to rock anywhere. The controls are: Gain, Tone, Volume and Aux In. A few handy features about this amp to set it apart from the plethora of other practice amps out there are: an 1/8″ input for your MP3 player with adjustable Aux In volume knob, a built-in tuner, 1/8″ line out and strap buttons located on the side of the amp.

How’s She Sound?

I’ll admit, I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder. How good can a 6 watt sneaker-sized amp sound? Well, I mic’d it up with nothing fancy, just a SM57 straight into my soundcard. (Click on the links under the picture of the amp’s settings)

Les Paul, Clean and Finger Picked (Listen)

Les Paul Dirty Riff’n (Listen)

Gritty Strat With A Pick (Listen)

Shoot, if it’s going back to Orange, lets try a P-bass with flats, see if we can’t blow it up! (Listen)

Well, no oranges were bruised in the demo’ing of this amplifier. I had a ton of fun and definitely want one for myself for home demos. I had my Keith McMillen Batt-O-Meter handy (reviewed it a few months back) and after approximately 6 hours of use the batteries are reading 7.5 volts with about 39% of power left. That’s not bad at all and I’m sure I really taxed the amp when plugging my P-bass in, but I would suggest buying an 18v power supply for it.


Street Price: $89.00

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