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Go TT-1 Tuner Product Review

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The TT-1 Tuner by GoGo is a highly accurate clip-on tuner built with plenty of attention to detail. Forget a wordy first paragraph let’s dive right into the features:

The Mic/Clip feature allows you to use it as a standard clip-on tuner or tune via the microphone. This feature is handy when you need to prove to your guitar player that he didn’t actually tune his guitar!

If the tuner goes unused it will automatically shut itself off after 3 minutes.

The buttons are well placed and the power button needs to be held in for just under 2 seconds making it less likely to get powered on in your gig bag.

Speaking of gig bag, the neon orange color of the tuner makes it easy to spot while tossed in the black hole know as my murse, or that’s cable bag for the less secure.

The LED display is bright and easy to read in the dark or sunlight. Simple coloring: Green means you’re in tune, Red means you’re not.

The TT-1 Flat button caters to tuning as low as 4 half steps below standard. So; E, Eb, D, Db, C,. A 440hz can be adjusted between 430 and 450. The tuner can sense any frequency from 27.5hz (That’s if you downtuned a B-string on a 5-string bass to a low A!) to 4186hz which is a C that well isn’t even available on any stringed instrument I can think of, but hey listen when they come out with 44 fret guitars, the TT-1′s got your back!

The adjustable arm is the best I’ve seen on all the clip-on tuners I’ve tried, not one, but 4 different hinges to allow the perfect viewing angle no matter where you clip it on your instrument.

Street Price: $29.99


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