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Eden WTDI Preamp Product Review

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I heard about these a few months back and told myself in perfect English “I gots to gets me one uh these!” After a short wait for them to hit the market I, in fact “gots me one.” The WTDI by Eden is the new Swiss Army knife for bassists.

Eden put themselves on the map with their World Traveler series bass amps and since the 70s they’ve had one goal: To build the highest quality bass amplification equipment possible. The WTDI offers bassists a preamp, high-quality DI and close representation of the famous Eden sound in one compact, road-worthy pedal.

A Tour Around The WTDI

The WTDI more or less explains itself. Plug in the 1/4″ input. This pedal offers true bypass switching. The Master volume will adjust both your 1/4″ out as well as the volume of the DI, so be cautious if you are sending a signal to your amp and the soundman.

How’s She Sound?

I pulled out my trusty MIA Fender Precision and Jazz bass for some sound clips. I’m not using any sort of high quality recording studio. I’m using a mixer set flat, a run of the mill XLR cable and my PC into Reaper.

Clip #1 is my P-bass straight up with the WTDI bypassed

Clip #2 is the same except with the WTDI on and set flat. …sounds like the mids and highs are boosted as you’ll hear the infamous Fender bass “quack”, so like Walmart I roll a few things back for Clip #3

Clip #4 In walks the Enhance knob. I have it at about 12 o’clock. To my ears it sounds a bit like a mid scoop.

Clip #5 I put everything back to flat, rollback the Enhance knob to 0 and put the Compressor at about 10 o’clock. This is where the pedal really shines in my opinion. Most standalone compressors in this price range do not do a subtle compression effect. The Eden gives me just enough to tighten things up and even them out. It can do the over the top compression too, just I don’t see a practical use for it.

Clip #6 Everyone run! I pulled out my Jazz Bass and played a slap lick. My apologies to Marcus Miller. The Eden WTDI is bypassed, so you are hearing straight Jazz Bass.

Clip #7 I put the Enhance around 11 o’clock and the Compressor around noon and slapped away again. You’ll notice a fat bottom, mid scoop and clear top end.

On The Job Training

I took the Eden out on a few gigs. Soundman loved it and so did I. The one band I practice with I use a keyboard amp to rehearse. The Eden was just what I needed to get a good sound out of a bland amp.


My final note is the WTDI’s lights. Ay yi yi, you’ll have no trouble seeing these on a dark stage on the floor!

Price: Retail: $224.99 Street $149.99

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