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Bass Centre Elites Stadium Series V Bass Strings Review

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Few things can top a new set of bass strings, OK winning the lottery or TWO sets of new strings make it higher on the list, but still I’ve been looking forward to checking out the new Stadium Series strings by Elites.

Elites seem to be the house string brand by The Bass Centre, now before you diminish the reputation of the phrase house brand, know this that The Bass Centre is the bass hubbub of London England.

They sent me the Medium V’s which are a 5 string set of stainless steel bass strings with the following gauges:

G- 40

D- 60

A- 80

E- 100

B- 125

Before I strung up my Warwick I browsed the enclosed flyer that came with the strings, I was in good company; Nathan East, Mark King of Level 42, John Taylor of Duran Duran and Guy Pratt known for his work with David Gilmour all have at one time or another rocked Elites.

The install was flawless, the ends fit like a glove in the tailpiece of the odd Warwick bridge;

Up top I had plenty of additional slack and easily trimmed the excess off to get a good 3 or 4 wraps around each tuning peg;

Now if you do the math, I’ve got 5 strings and a 4-string bass; I thought, “Hey let’s have some fun.”  I was on a Journey kick and read that bassist Ross Valory tunes a 4-string bass to BEAD simulating a 5-string bass minus the G on top.  Before I did this I eyed up the 125 gauge string next to the nut of the Warwick to make sure I didn’t have to modify it.  It was a snug fit, but worked great.  The low B was nice and tight and intonated well.

After about 2 weeks of that I had another epiphany, “If I move all these strings back to standard EADG tuning will all my tension be shot?”  Nope!  I was able to move the strings back one and throw the G on top.  Everything tuned up just as it should.

A month later the strings are still cooking.  The tuning and tone still sounds like day one.  The stainless steel was a little milder than other steels I’ve tried.  The Elites sound fell somewhere in the middle of a regular steel and a nickel strings.  No weird coatings or feel to get used to.  A great bass string all around.


Price: 25.95 Pounds Translates roughly to $41.

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